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Javan's Life Lessons #4 - Don't let your friends eat on your bed

16/07/2009 15:58

    I decided to invite some friends over to watch some movies. We decided to rent one suspense and one comedy movie from BlockBuster.

    Since I just got my unrestricted driver's license I volunteered, and-or demanded that I drive. (I may or may not have killed more than once on the five block journey to the video store).When we found the movies we wanted, I started to check out and the creepy associate told me that there was a $2.10 late fee.

    I am cheap; plain and simple. I then decided that to avoid the two dollar late fee I would just open up and new account. The associate told me that all I needed was a debit card and my driver's license. No Problem, well it shouldn't be, except for the fact that I forgot my license.

    So after paying the fee, eating dinner and watching the first movie, we went to my room and started watching the "supsensefull movie". Half-way throught the commercials we all decided that we wanted a snack. We raided the freezer and mom's fudgecicles.

    Well all was well, watched the movie, flipped out during the ending, and they were ready to go.

    They all got off my bed and what do I see? A HUGE CHOCOLATE STAIN ON MY COMPFORTER!

    I would expect this from my 11-year-old brother, but it was from my 17-soon-to-be-18-year-old friend. I couldn't help but give her a hard time, which ended in me having two new bruises. hahahaha

    Oh and I didn't mention that their parents didn't tell them what time to be home, so they may or may not have staid at my house from 5p.m. to 12:00 a.m.


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