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Javan's Life Lessons #1 - Why students should not be forced to take P.E.

09/06/2009 22:52


    Since I started driving driving, I have scheduled several interviews for newspaper right after school. Since I am forced against my will to take P.E. for two years, I usually take a shower so as to not be repulsive to the person I am interviewing.

    Today, I was going to the USD490 Central Office to interview the superintendent. Like I always do, I was gong to take a shower after my death-defying workout. Thankfully, our school has seperate stalls for each student.

    I draped my towl/clothes over the wall and started the water; as I turned around I noticed some ugly blue underwear soaking wet on the floor in the stall next to me. I thought to myself: "Who is the moron who let their underwear get on the floor and get all wet."

    Well, turns out I was that moron.

    My clohtes had fallen off the wall and were in the other stall soadking wet. I now had two choices; 1. wear wet jeans/underwear or wear dry and nasty P.E. shorts and go "comando".

    I may or may not have gone with the second option.

    Since interviewing the superintendent while wearing nothing but digusting gym shorts and a sweaty t-shirt was out of the question, I went directly home.

    Thankfully I just did a load of laundry so I had a nive DRY and CLEAN pair of underwear, shirt and jeans!

    Yet another reason to remove P.E. as a required class . . .



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