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What Sunglasses?

What Sunglasses?

     Due to the fact that I loose a pair of sunglasses every week I decided to keep a post of the current pair/or pairs of sunglasses that I own and loose. . .

1. Pair: Big White - My favorite pair of white sunglasses, from Pac Sun; dropped on concrete side walk, leaving them severly scratched, before braking off the earpiece

   2.  Pair: Little blue and sophisticated - Nice, professional and sophisticated pair of sunglasses; left in mother's car, got srcated off, broke the frame (lenses, screws and all).

    3. Pair: White Aviatprs - Awesome for the summer, first pair of aviator sunglasses; got scratched up, before they got stepped on.

    4. Pair: What-was-I-Thinking - Ugly pair of circular "Willy Wonka" styled sunglasses, looking back at pictures of me in them, let's just say that loosing these is argueably the best thing to happen to me.

    5. Pair: Tan sophisticated - left in the net pocket in the back of my Saturn, got smashed

    6. Pair: Silver Aviators - Awesome pair of aviators; went to dinner with them, left without them

   7.  Pair: Black Awesomness - one of my favorite pairs of sunglasses ever, one earpiece broke off, and they were so scrathed I couldn't see

   8. Pair: Fake Lacoste - Ok, I admit it, even though I complain about people wearing fake designer things, I did indeed have a pair of fake Lacoste sunglasses which were amazing, sadly I stepped on them.

    9. Pair: Blue Gangsta - Some awesome, fun, gangster looking sunglasses, the frame around the lense broke (WARNING: DO NOT USE PLUMBING GLUE IN AN ATTEMPT TO FIX THE FRAME OF SUNGLASSES, WILL CAUSE SEVERE BURNING TO SKIN! learning from experience).

    10. Pair: Black and fashionable - Another great pair, the screw came loose and the lenses fell out onto the asphault parking lot

    11. Pair - UrbanOutfitters Torise Shell glasses - Left them in my awesome hotel room in Dallas, Texas

    12. Pair - AE Aviators - Current pair, have had these sunglasses for two months, which is a new record!

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