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Javan's Life Lessons #2 - Sweat tea, not effective against skunks

09/06/2009 23:02


    On Sunday night, I was minding my own business reading "The Wichita Eagle", when I heard something outside.

    For those that don't know, I have a door in my room that leads to nothing. It's suposed to lead to a deck, but since my dad hasn't finished the house yet, it leads to a 15ft drop to the concrete patio below, where we keep our trash until Thursday (trash day).

    Looking down, I saw a skunk masticating on the food that he found after ripping apart a trash bag (which I am NOT cleaning up).

    I had to think fast, so I grabbed the closet thing that could be used as a weapon, a glass of McAllister's sweat tea. I hurled what was left of my drink at the vile rodent infront of me. SCORE! The skunk took off runing around the house.

    I then decided to prepare for "Round II" with the skunk, but decided to nstead of waste anymore sweat tea (because it is the MOST. DELICIOUS. DRINK. EVER.), to borrown Jeshua's BB gun.

    I looked like the biggest creeper in El Dorado, staring outside my door, with a BB gun in one hand and a fresh glass of sweat tea in the other, wearing a "I-DON'T-CARE" shirt with some baggy plaid pants.

    Not long after taking such precautions, the enemy returned!

    After missing seven times, SCORE! I hit him! I have never seen a skunk run so fast!

    I am currently waiting for "Round III", with yet another glass of sweat tea and a loaded gun!

    "I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell..."


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