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Kansas City! Here I come!!!!

16/12/2009 23:05
     I will be making an appearance in Kansas City on Dec. 25-27!     "WE GO TIL THEY KICK US OUT, OR THE POLICE SHUT US DOWN DOWN, POLICE SHUT US DOWN DOWN, POPO SHUT US DOWN!"

Javan's Life Lessons #4 - Don't let your friends eat on your bed

16/07/2009 15:58
    I decided to invite some friends over to watch some movies. We decided to rent one suspense and one comedy movie from BlockBuster.     Since I just got my unrestricted driver's license I volunteered, and-or demanded that I drive. (I may or may not have...

Letting it all out

16/07/2009 15:38
I lied! In my previous column I mistakenly said that it would be my last. A few circumstances changed and I ended up having one last chance to release my final thoughts.     There are so many topics that I can use this space to talk about, but there is one thing that is deeply...

I now have the World's Cleanest Sunglasses

23/06/2009 12:19
    If you have read my Life Lesson on why you shouldn't take your sunglasses into the bathroom you would have known that I did in fact drop my sunglasses into the toilet. Well, I finally (after almost two weeks) figured out how to clean them to my satisfaction . ....

Javan's Life Lessons #3 - Why you should not take your new sunglasses into the bathroom

16/06/2009 23:09
    On my trip to KC, I bought a new pair of toritise shell sunglasses. I loved them! (Notice, I did say "loved"). I have been wanting a pair of toritise shell sunglasses for a long time and I finally found a pair that I liked, and that looked good on me. Of course I bought them...

Should have brought a sack lunch

10/06/2009 21:24
    I knew it! I knew there was something seriously wrong with the school's food.     Last week before winter break was one of the most stressful, irritating and blood boiling weeks of my entire life.     It all started when I heard rumors...

Student's belief on Halloween

10/06/2009 15:02
      With Halloween just a few days away, many people are busy decorating while children are buying their costumes getting ready for their night of collecting candy.     Halloween is primarily an American holiday, although celebrations like it are...

To eat or not to eat. . .

10/06/2009 14:25
      School lunches have always been the center of jokes, but our school's lunches bring these jokes to a whole new level. Our school specializes in month-old chili, rock hard buns, crunchy cinnamon rolls and, my personal favorite, rubbery salisbury...

Creeper Cam

10/06/2009 13:38
      Today I have started something new on Inside My Head, the CREEPER CAM! I have a rather large collection of pictures of creepers that I have absoluetly no use for, but now all that time and effort will be put to good use. Enjoy . . . If you have any pics you want added...

Creeper Cam

10/06/2009 12:32
      Look out your window, what do you see? CREEPERS! While you're traveling down the street, what do you see? CREEPERS! THEY ARE EVERYWHERE!     No matter where you go, Wal-Mart, Target, the mall, downtown, the park even walking down the street you're...

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